Is it time to “Right-size” your living arrangements?

If the home you’re living in right now seems “too big” or “too much work,” you’re probably sitting on a great opportunity.  This is your chance to downsize and enjoy a wide range of benefits.

Unused rooms, a yard to maintain, and the constant upkeep of a too-large home are just a few of the reasons more and more homeowners are downsizing. A smaller, right-fit home typically means lower utility bills, reduced maintenance hassles, and more time to enjoy the important things in life.

With the Ron Sitrin Team, exploring your options and taking the first steps are easy. We know you’ll have lots of questions… the best places to move, what to do with all your “stuff”, and what to expect as you embrace your new, downsized home lifestyle. As one of Long and Foster’s top producing teams, we have helped hundreds of people in your shoes. Let our experience be your guide.

Curious about your current opportunities and how to make the most of them? Give us a call.  It starts with a free consultation where we learn more about your plans, goals and time frames and create the ideal downsizing roadmap.

Just about everyone that we’ve helped downsize is absolutely loving their new freedoms and lifestyle. It’s an overused expression, but most of them sum up their success by saying, “I wish I had done this sooner”.

The perfect home makes your life better. If your current place no longer suits your needs let’s have that conversation about downsizing – and see what good things can happen.