A dedicated team of pros, focused on you, will always outperform a solo agent. Here’s why.

It is true that you can use a solo agent to help you buy or sell your next home, but the real estate market is becoming increasingly more complicated and competitive. Here, in the DC area’s hot housing market, things are heating up even more! That is why we are seeing the emergence of ​real estate teams​ to better serve you.

Real estate teams consist of agents who work together to help their buyers and sellers achieve a far more enjoyable and profitable real estate experience. Teams do this by taking a collaborative approach, where each team member contributes based on his or her skillset and expertise.

A successful real estate team, with its combined expertise, is able to juggle all of the moving parts. This provides clients with a smoother, more efficient, and less stressful transactional experience.

So why should you work with a real estate team rather than going with a solo agent?

  1. It’s faster and easier for you.

Buying and selling real estate comes with an incredible amount of research, planning, footwork, and paperwork, paperwork, paperwork… and all of these take a lot of time. In addition, someone must arrange for marketing, negotiations, comparative market analyses, modifications to the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), numerous telephone and e-mail requests, and much more.

A solo agent just runs out of hours in the day!

The team approach​ allows its members to leverage each other’s talents and focus on what they do best. While the outside agents are running from house to house, the in-office agents are keeping all the critical background tasks moving forward smoothly.

All of this means a quicker sale and more hands-on attention for you.

  1. Efforts on your behalf expand exponentially.

Work with DC real estate experts such as The​ ​Ron Sitrin Team​ and you will enjoy the benefits of considerable real estate knowledge many times over:

  • ●  Someone is always available to take your call or answer your email question.
  • ●  You benefit by having access to the team’s larger pool of buyers and sellers.
  • ●  Many eyes mean attention to detail.
  • ●  For buyers, one member of the team can be showing you your new home while another is helping to prepare the paperwork. In other words, work on your behalf can happen in multiple places, at once.
  • For sellers, coordinating showing appointments is not dependent on just one person’s schedule.
  1. All this attention and effort, yet no extra fees.

Real estate teams work for the same percentage fee as does a solo realtor. The difference is that you receive much more ‘bang for the buck.’  Ron Sitrin of the Ron Sitrin Team loves this team strategy; he has put together a coordinated team of agents that exemplifies the real estate team mentality:

“We have the perfect talent for each task we do! Our buyer-agents are specifically geared to work with the time-intensive needs of buyers. For sellers, we have one person who coordinates any necessary repairs to get homes ready for market. Our marketing expert utilizes the latest technology to maximize each home’s market exposure. I specialize in the pricing, negotiations, and providing in-depth market knowledge. And our Client Care Coordinator processes mountains of paperwork and arranges everybody’s schedules. By staffing this way, I find my clients are getting a superior experience compared to when I was trying to be everywhere and doing everything myself. Now we each focus on our strengths and the clients love the results.”

This combination of skills is rarely found in one person.

The​ ​Ron Sitrin Team​ has been helping sellers and buyers in the Washington DC area for over 20 years. To learn more about how one of Long and Foster’s top real estate teams can make a difference for you,​ ​contact us​ today.